fredag, december 01, 2006

Friday eve at Santa Fe

The first Friday eve every month the galleries at Santa Fe Drive in Denver are open. I was there last month and it was just like walking along Ågatan in Linköping a Friday eve: lot’s of young people happily walking around. You just have to replace all restaurants and bars with art galleries and studios!

Try to imagine what it would look like in Linköping. First, how many galleries and studios could you gather? Two? Three?

And if you gathered them all at one place, who would show up there a Friday eve? Probably the same twenty people that would show up on a vernissage any other time. And most of them are not that young.

I don’t think the inhabitants in Denver are that much more interested in art than an ordinary inhabitant in Linköping. But Denver is a larger city than Linköping. Therefore there are a much larger number of people in the Denver area that can show up in the art district a Friday eve. Hence, you get more studios with a larger diversity and then even more people can find something they are interested in.

What do we learn from this?

Well, if Linköping continues growing it will be a more exciting city. But Linköping is not dull – I’ll return to this in my next blogpost

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