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My President - Part I The Candidates

The democrats have a broad list of qualified candidates in the upcoming presidential primaries. Hillary Rodham Clinton is professional, has experience and would be a great role model for women around the world. Barack Obama is an inspirer and shows with his personal background that the American dream shouldn’t be refused to anyone. John Edwards fighting of social injustice in the footsteps of Robert F Kennedy is appealing.

If Obama has a rock star impact in America, Al Gore – even though he’s not a candidate – has the same impact in the rest of the world. When he visited Stockholm this spring the tickets to his performance was soon sold out. Therefore his speech was also showed on a big screen at Stockholm’s main square Sergels Torg. Bill Richardson is maybe the candidate running for office that most resemble Gore, with his broad experience and understanding of the world.

And there is also a list of candidates that is almost completely unknown in the US and even more unknown in the rest of the world, like the senators Joesph Biden, Cristopher Dodd, or representative Dennis Kucinich.

My problem is that I don’t really know the candidates positions on the issues. The issues that matters for me as a Europeean is also not always the issues that the American debate focus on or the issues that would matter most to me if I was living in America.

The next couple of days I will in some articles discus the issues that most matters to me and finally end up in an endorsement of one of the candidates before the caucus in Iowa next week. I think I know who it will be, but I haven’t made my final decision yet. Feel free to comment and influence me! In the meantime you can try to find your own candidate helped by Washington Post.

Finally, I think any of the democratic candidates will make a better president than any of the republican. If there is time I might come back to a discussion about the republican candidates.

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