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Air Force One - from Europe?!

Working in the aviation industry gives some benefits. One of them is the magazines we have in our coffee room – Flight, Aviation Week, Avionics Magazine and occasionally my favourite: Aircraft Interior International. Today I saw an article in Flight about the purchase of new airplanes to the Air Force One-fleet. And the next airplane flying the American president might be – European!

Until now Boeing have manufactured the planes used by the American President, most lately Boeing 747-200. But in the future it might be Airbus A380 that will be the One.

Saab in Linköping is producing parts of the wings for Airbus A380 and cargo doors for Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Hence, regardless of it will be Airbus or Boeing that is flying the American president, his airplane might contain Swedish Steel (or at least Swedish composites…)

In reality, the American president will not fly an European airplane even if it should be a better choice. Air Force One is one of the symbols of the executive branch in US, and could you imagine the congressmen flying home to Seattle after funding an European Airbus instead of a Boeing, or the president flying an Airbus when campaigning in Washington state? I think US is to protectionist for this.

Detta inlägg är pingat på intressant.se. Andra bloggar om Air Force One, Airbus, Boeing och Saab



Anonymous Anonym said...

The real question is, can you see the US president pulling up in an 747-8i, 777-300 or 787-10 - and the french president trumping him/her with an A380...

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