fredag, oktober 12, 2007

President Gore

Al Gore is the best president America never had.

I think he would be a great candidate and an even greater president if he decided to run, but he won’t. Even though he’s got an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Price, it’s too late for him to enter the race. Also, he really has no reason; the democrat’s have popular and good candidates (i.e. Clinton, Obama, Richardson) that the democratic voters are satisfied with. And why should he trade a good life like a climate warrior, movie star and peace prize winner to a life in politics. He has seen what it takes to run for president and to be president and I don’t think he wants that life.

But he also got one good reason to run: as president, he will have a chance to make a huge impact improving the life of billions of people. Unfortunally he won’t use that chance.

I’ll be back some other time (before Iowa) endorsing a candidate that is running.

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