onsdag, december 06, 2006

Stay or go?

After writing my last blogpost about the war in Iraq I realized it might be interesting even for people not reading Swedish. Well, I tried to translate the text!

Three years ago, President Bush said USA had prevailed in the war in Iraq. Since then the situation has worsen. Thousands of American soldiers and uncountable numbers of Iraqis have been killed. The mid term elections one month ago showed that the American people dismiss the Republican ‘stay the course’-strategy. The knowledge that the war in Iraq is not victorious is spread in parts of the Republican Party and today the bipartisan Iraq Study Group presented their report about Iraq.

Both the report and the public opinion in America suggest that the American presence in Iraq will decline. In the long run it’s a wise strategy – a massive American military presence is hardly the best way to form a democratic and free Iraq.

But America can not ‘cut and run’ from their self chosen responsibility in Iraq. A to quick removal of the US troops that is not matched by stronger Iraqi institutions risk to escalate the civil war and killing even more. The saying ‘if you break it you fix it’ can be used also when discussing the American involvement in Iraq.

President Bush has chosen a way that has not brought Iraq forward. From the beginning he chose unilaterism instead of international cooperation. He lied about the reasons for the war and he seem to lack understanding of the situation in Iraq.

Even if America has a great responsibility they themselves can not solve all problems in Iraq. If nothing else they lack credibility. America needs help and those who best can help America in Iraq might be Syria and Iran. President Bush need to swallow his pride, change course and negotiate with these countries about how to bring peace to Iraq, instead of planning yet another war – this time against Iran. If not, America risk the choice between getting stuck in a war in Iraq they cannot win or abandoning the country with genocide and civil war as a consequence.


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