torsdag, september 07, 2006

Election campaign

An international audience have requested pictures from my campaigning for the general election that will be held September 17. The pictures in this blogpost are from this evening – Thursday September 7.
We’re doing a lot of campaigning in housing areas in Linköping where we’rediscussing with people, listening to what they are saying, encouraging them to vote and recruiting them to the Social Democratic party.
At this meeting we where joined by Lena Micko, the chairwomen of the municipal executive board in Linköping and by the candidates for Riksdagen (the Swedish parliament) Effat Mirsafdari and Ali Hajar.
When we returned to our campaign office we found Ellen Oskarsson and Hanna Asp from the Social Democratic Youth organization preparing roses with flyers for tomorrow’s campaigning. Kristina Edlund, a member of the municipal council, is helping them.
My good friend Anna Larsson is also giving a helping hand (above) while Kristin Nygren is parking the minivan in the garage (below).
Later in the evening I joined a joint campaign start for the Swedish Industrial Workers’ and Metalworkers’ Union, the Commercial Employee’s Union and the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union.
We were entertained by one of the county of Östergötland’s best entertainers Lotta Källström. Among other things there was karaoke. Here, Lotta is choir while another good friend, Jessica Ericsson, is singing a duet with Nicke Bremer.
Later in the evening Lotta and Jessica performed a country medley.
Elisabeth Gustafsson, the chairwomen of the municipal community care committee, enjoyed her time, and so did I.


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