torsdag, januari 10, 2008

Bill Richardson åker hem

Ryktet har florerat det senaste dygnet och nu meddelade precis Bill Richardson att han ger upp sitt försök att bli demokraternas presidentkandidat. På min blogg har jag främst framhållit hans träffsäkra reklamfilmer – jag förstår inte dem som skyr politisk reklam i tv…

Richardson skriver uppskattande om sina demokratiska motkandidater:

They have all brought great talents and abilities to the campaign.

Senator Biden's passion and intellect are remarkable.

Senator Dodd is the epitome of selfless dedication to public service and the Democratic Party.

Senator Edwards is a singular voice for the most downtrodden and forgotten among us.

Senator Obama is a bright light of hope and optimism at a time of great national unease, yet he is also grounded in thoughtful wisdom beyond his years.

Senator Clinton's poise in the face of adversity is matched only by her lifetime of achievement and deep understanding of the challenges we face.

Representative Kucinich is a man of great decency and dedication who will faithfully soldier on no matter how great the odds.

And all of us in the Democratic Party owe Senator Mike Gravel our appreciation for his leadership during the national turmoil of Vietnam.

I am honored to have shared the stage with each of these Democrats. And I am enormously grateful to all of my supporters who chose to stand with me despite so many other candidates of accomplishment and potential.

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